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Slide: 1 Presenter's Notes:
Presentation regarding the university’s Disaster Recovery Plan/Enterprise Continuity Plan including: basic structures; roles within the DRP/ECP plan; areas within a company if addressed improve resilience to catastrophic events, and an employee awareness campaign.

Slide 2: Presenter's notes:
Presenter's notes:
The presentation will cover several areas dealing with the university’s ability to prepare for an emergency or catastrophic event. The areas covered include:
1. Personnel roles within a disaster recovery and emergency continuity plan
2. Areas within the university that when properly addressed provide resilience to operational disturbances
3. Outline of a DRP/ECP training program.
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Sixth the executive management team must define the procedures that all employees and essential vendors will use during emergency situations. Seventh, the employee training team must define and execute an awareness campaign that properly informs each employee of their role within the DRP/ECP plan and confirm that employee's understanding of their role. Last, the emergency management team’s members must maintain documentation of the DRP/ECP plan including updating when needed, changing the plan to meet organization changes, and recording of observations post plan execution.

A2. Resilience Layers
Slide 4: Presentation Notes:
Resilience layers are areas within the university when addressed enable the university to prepare for emergency situations and catastrophic events. The six layers resilience layers include strategy, organization, processes, data/applications, technology and facilities/security.

Slide 5: Presentation notes:
The first resilience layer to discuss is strategy. Strategy includes the university's goals for itself as an entity, the objective directing its operations, and the standards it must abide by. On this layer, resilience can be measured by examining risks and vulnerabilities of the university. Within this layer a strategic plan to best implement DRP/ECP rules emerges. Last, are baselines objectives that refer to the university's basic operational goals. An example of Strategy: The University maintains operations during an

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