Fyodor Dostoyevsky 's A Gentle Creature

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Fyodor Dostoyevsky, born November 11, 1821, is a Russian novelist and also a short story writer. Dostoyevsky is portrayed as one of the finest novelists who ever lived in his time. He has written some of the greatest novels of all time such as “Notes from the Underground” and “The Idiot.” In 1876, Dostoyevsky published a short story called, “A Gentle Creature,” which is a story about the chronicles of the relationship between a pawnbroker and a girl that comes to his shop frequently. The pawnbroker in “A Gentle Creature,” is the main plot and character of the story. The setting of the story is inside of his pawn shop. The narrator of this story is a pawnbroker and the dilemma is that there is dead girl. The pawnbroker begins by having a flashback to be able to describe how everything got to the point of the girl’s death. In the beginning of the pawnbroker and his future wife’s relationship, he was attracted by her helpless situation. When she is attempting to pawn her worthless items, he, the pawnbroker, is willing to give her two roubles but only because he was admired by her. “However, as I gave her two roubles, I couldn’t help adding with a hint of irritation: “You know, I’m only doing this because it’s you”” (Pg. 62). In “A Gentle Creature,” the relationship between the pawnbroker and his wife failed because he misjudges his wife’s character, he is completely unable to empathize with her, and he uses her for revenge on his social stigma. The wife’s character in the
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