G.E. Training and Development

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GE Citizenship: Training and Development Shannon Johnson/ G00075246 Training and Development Bob Anastasov 3 January 2013 Abstract GE is innovative company that builds appliances, lighting, power system, and other products that help millions of homes, offices, factories, and retail facilities around the world work better. Their training and development programs have enabled then to remain successful since the company’s founding in 1892. Founded by J. P. Morgan and Charles Coffin, G. E. has developed a management strategy that has infiltrated the complicated boundaries between management levels. Not only does GE have training programs available for its managers and employees, but for their customers as well. Both G.E’s entry-level…show more content…
The experienced leadership program helps them to grow and further their career with in the company. This program places the brightest leaders within the company together to teach and share innovation and information with each other. One facility that GE uses is the John F. Welch Leadership Development Center. John F. Welch was the chairman and CEO of GE from 1981-2001. “This center was founded in 1956 and is recognized as the world’s first major corporate business school. It is located in the hamlet of Crotonville in Ossining, New York, the 53-acre campus hosts around 10,000 GE employees and customers every year.” (Bishop, 2009) Through this center GE has been able to capitalize on the latest and most “cutting-edge thinking in organizational development, leadership, innovation and change.” Crotonville courses cover a broad range of topics and expertise including: •Executive courses in leadership, innovation, strategy, and manager development • Leadership courses for new managers focusing on development, business impact and external focus • Essential skills courses such as hiring, presentations, team building and project management • Customer programs including executive briefings, change management and integration With the brightest minds in technology, GE has been able to tap into the best and most efficient pieces of technological innovations. By investing in the development of its employees and tapping in to the fresh
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