G. J.: Spirituality Analysis

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Depending on whom you ask spirituality can have many different meanings. The definition of spirituality can be as simple as a picture on a wall that holds a significant meaning to an individual, or as complex as one’s values, religion, beliefs, or theories that one obtains from his/her life experience. In simple terms, spirituality can be found in almost anything or anyone.
Due to the variation in how one defines spirituality everyone can express spirituality differently, such as through rituals, songs, dances, stories, prayers, talks, or writings. One article defines spirituality as the “aspect of humanity that refers to the way individuals seek and express meaning and purpose and the way they experience their connectedness
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believes that his meaning of life is “to serve, know, and love the Lord in this life and be happy with him forever in the next” (G.J. personal communication, October 17, 2015). G.J. expressed his spirituality through prayer, going to mass, sacrament, promoting justice, and giving charity. By giving back to the community, he gets this feeling of joy and fulfillment. As long as the Lord is happy with his actions, G.J. feels like he has fulfilled his purpose. He attains peace from knowing that the lord is listening. His life revolves around the God, because he has no living relatives other than his sister who has dementia and doesn’t remember…show more content…
spirituality, 83 year old, white male. She met G.J. in the lobby of the retirement home in which he resides. G.J. is in good spirits, has a positive outlook on life despite various medical diagnoses. He appears to be spiritually well. Patient has some obvious arthritis in his hands and thumbs are completely fused. Psoriasis is evident on areas of exposed skin. G.J. appears to exercise good hygiene habits and dresses appropriately. When speaking with him, the student nurses found themselves having to speak up so that he could hear them without difficulty. However, G.J. exhibited no issues comprehending what we said or forming responses. The patient’s verbal expression was congruent with his nonverbal behaviors and attitudes. Throughout the whole interview he was smiling and was happy and at peace with his current condition. He did not express any signs of pain or distress. He appeared very active and mobile for his
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