GAASB's Proposed Changes to the Pension Plans

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GAASB Proposed Changes GAASB is proposing some major improvements to the reporting of pension plans. (GASB Proposes Major Improvements for Pension Reporting, 2011). Immediate recognition of more components of pension expense will be required, including the effect on the pension liability of changes in benefit terms, rather than deferred and amortization over as many as 30 years. Use of a discount rate will be required that applies the expected long term rate of return on pension plan investments where pension assets are expected to be available to make projected benefit payments and the interest rate on a tax exempt 30 year AA or higher rated municipal bond index to projected benefit payments where plan assets are not expected to be available for long term investment in a qualified trust. A single actuarial cost allocation method, the entry age normal, will be required. Governments participating in cost sharing multiple employer plans will be required to record a liability equal to their proportionate share of any net pension liability for the cost sharing plan as a whole. Governments in all types of covered pension plans will be required to present more extensive note disclosures and required supplementary information. Georgia State University does not mention anything about the pension funds in the financial statements except they participate with the multiple-employer plan with the State of Georgia. (Consolidated Financial Statements, 2011). They did not list the

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