GATTACA Movie Analysis

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The movie GATTACA was a science fiction film, but it carries a social message also. The title includes the letters G, A, T, and C which stand for guanine, adenine, thymine, and cytosine which are all nucleobases of DNA. This nominated masterpiece carries a story in the future where it is possible to conceive babies using the best hereditary traits artificially to make perfect individuals. The main character Vincent Freeman’s unimaginable enthusiasm to achieve his life vision through massive barriers depicts on this movie. The theme of this movie is “there is no gene for the human spirit.”Instead, this quote shows challenging work.
According to the movie GATTACA, it pictured challengeable surrounding for the main character Vincent Freeman. The movie GATTACA shows that in future everything will be decided by the genes which include what are your skills, who will be you in future soon. Vincent Freeman, who was the main character in this movie genetically very weaker child and was told he would be lived until thirty-sixth of his age. Vincent Freeman had to overcome unimaginable barriers here both biologically and situationally. The child with low heart rate, less height than required and physically unfitness definitely kept him away from his dream of being into space. Biologically inability was not a barrier to success was shown here.

Discouragement words not only from outside but also from inside his family occurred for him in his attempt to achieve his dream. This movie
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