GBS Infection New Born Essay

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Group B Streptococcus Infection, Newborn

GBS infection is caused by the bacteria Streptococcus agalactiae. The bacteria can cause an infection in a baby if:
• The bacteria are passed from a mother to her baby during labor.
• An infected person has contact with the baby.

This condition is more likely to develop when:
• The mother tests positive for GBS bacteria (colonization) late in pregnancy (35–37 weeks).
• The baby is born early (prematurely or preterm).
• The mother's water breaks more than 18 hours before birth.
• The mother has a fever during labor.
• The mother previously had a child with the GBS infection.

Symptoms of this condition depend on where the infection is located.
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Treatment may also include:
• Giving your baby fluids through an IV tube. This may be needed if your baby has difficulty feeding.
• Helping your baby breathe. This may be done with:
○ An oxygen hood. This is a clear tent that covers your baby and provides air that has more oxygen than normal air.
○ A tube inserted into your baby’s nostrils to deliver oxygen straight into the nostrils (nasal cannula).
○ A machine that helps move air in and out of the lungs (ventilator).

• Give your baby over-the-counter and prescription medicines only as told by your baby's health care provider.
• Give your baby antibiotic medicine as told by your baby's health care provider. Do not stop giving the antibiotic even if your baby seems to be feeling better.
• Keep all follow-up visits as told by your baby’s health care provider. This is important.

• Your baby is more restless, sleepy, or irritable than usual.
• Your baby has a poor appetite or is not interested in eating.
• Your baby develops a rash.
• Your baby has less wet diapers than
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