GCIS Assessment

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Using the GCIS skills assessment, I placed my top 5 skills as dependability, integrity, attention to detail, analyzing, and decision making. My top three personality types are Enterprising, Conventional, and Social and Investigative both have the same score. Enterprising I had the highest score of 39, enterprising is being competitive and liking to be in control and lead others. Also being responsible for getting your own work done and supervising others. I feel like enterprising is a great type for me to have, because to get the job I want and to climb in my field it will help to be competitive, also being able to lead others is great so when I have reached the pinnacle of the ladder I will be able to lead my fellow coworkers. Conventional was my second highest type at 33, conventional means I like to keep things in order, I do things careful and the right way, and use clear instructions and rules to do so. Conventional will also help me in my field…show more content…
My bottom five were: arts, audio/video technology and communications, hospitality and tourism, transportation distribution and logistics, manufacturing, and architecture and construction. Law public safety corrections and security being the career cluster I am striving for is in my top five, tied at 47 for the top one. However, the current job I have now being in the Architecture and Construction career cluster, happens to be dead last in all of my cluster rankings. My desired occupation is to be a detective in a law enforcement agency, my top rated occupation in this skills assessment happens to be Police and Detective supervisor. Out of the occupational assessments we have had this is the first one that has actually had my desired occupation as the top one. This made me feel good that I am on the right path to the job that best suits me and my major is
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