GE Capital's Strategic Planning

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GE CAPITAL STRATEGIC PLANNING ________________________________________________________________________ Table of Contents GE Capital Strategic Planning 2 1- Introduction 3 1- Strategic planning 4 Geographic diversification 4 Sales and marketing 5 2- Theoretical foundation of GE Capital management 6 Between risk management and optimization 7 Expansion as a management philosophy 7 Capital funding model 7 3- Organizational learning and knowledge management at General Electric (GE) Capital 9 Knowledge management tools 10 4- Conclusion 10 References 12 GE Capital Strategic Planning Introduction General Electric (GE) Capital is the subsidiary unit of General Electric (GE), USA. GE Capital is headquartered at Norwalk, Connecticut, United States and has five divisions within GE Capital i.e. GE Aviation Services, GE Money, GE Energy Financial Services, and GE Commercial Distribution Services. These five divisions of GE Capital enable smooth functioning into respective market segments. Michael A. Neal is currently the CEO and Chairman of the company. With worldwide operational footprint, GE Capital has more than 55000 employees across 55 countries(General Electric Capital Corporation, 2012). The main services that GE provides are the leasing and lending to commercial business sectors. Further, the company also offers tailored financial service to entertainment, media, and health care businesses. The company has effectively diversified, both by product offerings and

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