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GEA 2000 Fall 2013
Exam # 1 Review Questions*

Introduction chapter and Globalization (PPT)
1. Alfred Wegener's supercontinent is known as:

2. The process by which a tectonic plate consisting of less heavy rock rides up over a heavier plate is known as:

3. The current interglacial period is known as the:

4. Which water body is surrounded by a geologically-active Ring of Fire:
The Pacific Ocean

5. Which of the following locations is not one of the world's great population clusters?
Easter North America (1/4 size the smallest of the Eurasian concentration)
Major population Clusters: East Asia, South asia, Europe (more than 3.7M =54%

6. Which of the following statements
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Lawrence River

3. A continental climate is most likely to be found in:

4. The peoples called Native Americans in the U.S. are called First Nations in Canada.

5. In 1900 [year], the geographic form of the American city was most strongly shaped by: Electric Street Car

6. Which metropolitan area contains the United States' largest cluster of Asians?
L.A. , California

7. Which ethnic group does not fit with the area identified?

8. The transformation of raw materials into finished products is associated with the Manufacturing sector of a nation's economy. Or, Secondary Economic Activity

9. Which of the following is a major natural gas producing State?

10. Which of the following States is the likeliest place for the further development of ethanol and other biofuel production?

11. Montreal and the lower course of the St. Lawrence Seaway are located in the Canadian province of

12. The capital of Canada is:

13. The two European powers that fought over control of the territory that became Canada were the:
France and Britain

14. Canada's primate city is:

15. The North American Free Trade Agreement:
Includes the United States, Canada and Mexico
Makes it easier for Americans to purchase Canadian and Mexican goods

16. Which statement best defines the North American Core?
Manufacturing belt has unrivaled supremacy
Manufacturing belt,

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