GEORGE Act 1 Essay

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Act 1 Scene 1 (GEORGE stops TINY who is carrying files through the office) GEORGE: Fight me. TINY: I don't want to... (GEORGE punches TINY) TINY: Ow! What did you do that for? GEORGE: Plenty more where that came from... (GEORGE tries several more punches as TINY uses some folders and papers as a shield) TINY: Cut it out! GEORGE: Bet you're not so tough without your shield, Captain America. (GEORGE slaps down folders, TINY yelps and GEORGE tries a few more punches) TINY: Have you gone crazy? GEORGE: Something like that. TINY: I won't fight you. GEORGE: Then I win. TINY: Huh? GEORGE: I win. TINY: I guess so. GEORGE: (yells) Tell me I win. TINY: Fine, you win. (GEORGE punches him) GEORGE: Louder. TINY: You win! GEORGE: That's right. I am the
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