GHS Ramp Experiment

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In this experiment you will be finding if the ramp at GHS is legal based on today's legal base building code, or if it is in violation. When understanding the important concept essential to your experiment you will need to find Angle of Elevation is the horizontal line that is from you to looking up to the top of an object. You will need to also find the Angle of Depression is when you are standing and looking down at something and the angle of depression would be from you to the object. Also before you start you need to fine the definition of Line of sight, is when you have someone looking forwards at an object and there is nothing else in their view. Last but not least some people might not know what a ramp is so you would have to clarify it. The definition for Ramp is a slop designed for handy cap people who have trouble working or who are in a wheel chair, to use instead of trying to get out and either slide down or up the steeps.
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