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GLT Task 1
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What is globalization? Globalization, “refers to processes of international integration arising from the interchange of world views, products, ideas, and other aspects of culture” (Merriam-Webster, 2014). Since the 1980’s the impact of globalization has been on the rise. Western cultures are bringing about new ways of culture while indigenous people are modifying their traditional ways to western civilization. I will be discussing two non-western cultures and the effects of globalization. The two cultures that will be discussed are the Zimbabwean and Japanese cultures (Watson, 2006). McDonald’s began in 1954 in Los Angeles where it was known as just a cheap, clean,
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The influence of McDonald’s making its way to Japan was direct by expanding the corporation of a successful business all over the world. Although, the start of McDonalds in Japan lead to some hesitation because it was looked upon as their culture was being changed to an American way it later became a hit (Koetse, 2012). McDonald’s eventually adapted their menu to meet more of the Japanese food traditions such as rice burgers and teriyaki burgers. In addition, for desert, a green tea ice cream was launched for their taste. The seating was adapted so everyone could sit together and enjoy their meal. With the changes McDonalds has made in Japan fast food is now looked at as something trendy, even teenagers go there to study and hangout with their friends. Fast food is becoming a part of everyday life in Japan (Koetse, 2012) The second non-western culture that was impacted by globalization is the Zimbabwean culture in Africa. The changes with the economy and the liberalization of trade have affected this culture drastically (Muyale-Manenji, 1998). Prior to change, women in this culture were known as farmers and civil servants. Many of them had small businesses selling fruit and vegetables that were grown. Even young children would stay out late at night to help. The impact of the globalization of trade has affected their agriculture production by putting in fertilizers and

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