GM Food Controversy

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In contrast, an expert reported that, Although the European Union does not pose an official import ban for agricultural produce from GM-friendly countries but in many cases they give preference to GM-free countries for fruit and vegetable import (Expert 2). This claim is consistent with the findings of Altieri (2005). add China case Experts were divided into opinions about the role of media in creating GM controversy in the country. In response to a question “Why both local and international media always focus on the risk side of GM food and invariably ignore the benefits side?”The; majority did not provide any clear cut answer, seemed that they were uncomfortable to provide any personal opinion relating to media. However, expert 2 and 10 specifically mentioned that the media also speaks about the benefit of GM food and GM technology, but occasionally. In contrast, few experts…show more content…
This early detrimental impression about GM technology affected the basic idea of the public in an adverse way and brought all the presumptive risks of GM technology in the front line, ignoring the benefits (Expert 7). While respondents were asked “How the media should communicate the truth and myth about GM food?”; most respondents agreed that the media has a very significant and delicately sensitive role to play in order to correctly inform the public about the truth and myth surrounding GM controversy. Irrespectively, all respondents whether or not they support GM commercialisation, believe that advantages and disadvantages of GM crop should be communicated on the basis of scientific facts and figures. There should be no scope for media to draw a conclusion on presumptive facts to prohibit GM crops in Bangladesh. In this respect, one participant noted that, Media heated up GM debate in Bangladesh more than any activist does (Expert
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