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Scientific Research The first technique used in the documentary, GMO OMG by Jeremy Seifert, that I found very effective was the use of scientific research. This research helps to persuade the people watching the documentary that GMO’s are indeed harmful toward our healths. Jeremy interviewed a scientist named Gilles Eric Seralini who was a professor of molecular biology. He conducted a research on Monsanto’s 603 GMO corn to see the health effects caused by it. Seralini conducted his research in order to find out whether or not it would have a negative impact on the rat. Effects from the GMO’s were shown quite quickly after a couple of months as the rats had severe tumours in their livers and kidneys. Moreover, when the research of…show more content…
In addition, this technique also aids in persuading the viewers to take the side that the documentary is trying to prove to be right. Jeremy also tried this technique with the fish food company by calling them to find out if they used GMO’s in the food that they feed the fish. Metaphor Jeremy decides to go camping with his wife and two sons to get the topic of GMO out of his mind for a while and thinking that there will be no GMO’s in the wild. While on this trip he takes his sons fishing. When the older son catches the fish, it makes Jeremy happy not only because his son caught his first fish, also because the fish contained no GMO’s. Out of his own interest, Jeremy calls the company that supplies the fish with food to ask them if there products contain any GMO’s, and to his surprise they did. They said that fishes are fed with food that are GMO contained and as they breed, the Genetically Modified Organisms are passed on generation after generation. Jeremy was furious to hear this from the company and used a metaphor to convey this information to us. When his son caught the fish, the fish was shown as very clean and majestic to show the
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