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What is a GMO?

A GMO, or genetically modified organism, is a virus, bacterium, or more complex life-form in which the DNA has been altered for a particular purpose. Some of these purposes include: research into the nature of genes and biological processes, manufacturing animal proteins, correcting genetic defects, and making improvements to animals and plants (Natural Environment Research Council). Making improvements to animals and plants is a major motivation to produce GMOs. With a world population on its way to 9 plus billion by the year 2050, a viable option for sustenance production is needed. With this ever-growing world population there is a need for somehow controlling the amount of people born. China is one country
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These chemical signals set off a cascade of gene activity in the A. tumefaciens which direct a series of events required for the transfer of tDNA from the plasmid into the plant’s cells through the wounds of the plant. The tDNA then moves into the nucleus of the plant cell and becomes integrated into the plant chromosome (Understanding GMOs).

This procedure has also been performed successfully in the lab with dicots, broadleaf plants, soybeans and tomatoes for many years. Through this procedure, the desired gene and marker is inserted into the tDNA of the plasmid. Tissues of the organism are then transferred to a medium containing an antibiotic or herbicide in order to tell if the organism has successfully taken up the desired gene because only the tissues expressing the marker will survive. These tissues are then grown under controlled environmental conditions in tissue cultures containing nutrients and hormones so that whole plants are grown. When plants are grown and have produced seed, an evaluation of the progeny is done making sure that the desired traits have been passed on (Understanding GMOs).

A basic method in which we get specific genes integrated with another organism’s chromosome is as follows: Isolate the DNA from which selected gene is to be taken from and treat it with enzymes that will cut out that specific gene. These genes are then inserted into bacteria and grown into colonies being

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