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Business Decision Making
Purely GR…8! Water Company Inc.

Neal Steven
Tannys Laughren
Monday, December 2nd, 2013

Executive Summary: The case about Purely Gr…8! Water Company Inc. revolves around the decision to expand to new markets, and the marketing overhaul that would need to take place if the company chose to expand. The main problem in this case is that Purely’s current marketing strategy isn’t suited for expansion, which is wanted by Romil Reyes, Vice President of Operations. Purely is currently experiencing great success by targeting the Filipino community in the GTA area, and have developed a great customer list and reputation. Sandra Hawkin, marketing consultant for Romil, must give her
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He likes where the company is in terms of financial growth. He doesn’t want to take risks that may hurt his reputation, which is important to him at this stage of his life. Romil’s corporate goals are to quickly expand the company where they penetrate new market and eventually export globally. He also wants to expand the company’s product line, in order to generate more revenues, by entering the soft drink and food markets.

Consumer Analysis:

Segment 1 (Residential Users)
Segment 2 (Commercial Users)
Sub Segment
Sub Segment 1
Sub segment 2
Sub segment 3
Premium Users
Mid Priced bottle consumers
Private label brands
Commercial Businesses
Imported water.
Imported brands that are priced competitively.
Bottled water in bulk.
Large 20-litre bottles and water dispensers, buying premium water isn’t a major concern.
When they want bottled water.
When the prices are competitive, thus lower.
When wanting to buy in bulk.
When they run low in their office or business facility.
Grocery stores, convenience stores, and other common retail suppliers
Grocery stores, convenience stores, and other common retail suppliers
Grocery stores and other bulk retailers
Suppliers of water and dispensers.
Believed it to be of superior taste and some used it for daily activities like making food, brushing teeth, washing face, drinking water for their pets, etc.…

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