GPA Definition Essay

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Many people may think GPA is important as it does define so much in a college setting. While some programs need a set GPA to come into them, and other programs course context make it hard to maintain a high GPA. GPA does not define the hardships you faced. It is set to number that our colleges allow to define us. As a goal, I am positive no one is going to complain if they receive an A as a course final grade. It is once you start to receive B's and C's that things become complicated. One semester can bring your GPA so low, and you have to work so hard to get it back up. Not that you would not generally put that effort in anyways, but even if you are that straight A student life still happens. GPA stands for grade point average, but that number does not represent your struggles, the good experiences, and…show more content…
At that point I felt great, committing to goals that the tiny value of a number once made me feel were unachievable. Some will talk about how hard their classes are while others may be excited about that easy class. Either way, a class is a class. A grade is a grade and once it set in stone, it cannot b changed. So regardless if the classes you take are easy, or the hard it does not matter. Everyone perceives and learns material differently and due to this, it is impossible to compare our GPA's. Failure is ok. You will fail, and you will get a bad grade. Though, to let that define you and your future is not realistic. By failing we represent we are only human. We make mistakes, and the best thing to do is learn from them. Sometimes we are not the human making the mistake, and other times we are. We cannot fault ourselves for everything, and we cannot fault others. Learn from the mistakes you make in a class, or the mistakes of classmates, or a professor. Maybe sometimes you won't be able to prevent them in the future, but they will happen and it will be
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