GUM® Dual Action Tongue Cleaner

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The GUM® Dual Action Tongue Cleaner is designed to clean bacteria and plaque off of the tongue. There has been extensive research regarding the benefits of cleaning the tongue during oral hygiene care. There are advantages and disadvantages to using this product and there are also special conditions where this product is essential in the oral hygiene routine. There is much debate about if it is necessary to include tongue cleaning into everyday oral hygiene habits. In eastern countries, tongue cleaning has a regular part in oral hygiene, adversely, in western countries; tongue cleaning has not regularly been included in oral hygiene (1). Typically, the tongue is pinkish and may have a small whitish coating. As an individual ages,…show more content…
Tongue cleaning can improve the oral health conditions of someone with periodontal disease as well as halitosis by the removal of bacteria from the surface of the tongue. Along with those benefits, studies have indicated that the removal of tongue coating have improved taste sensation (3). The GUM® Dual Action Tongue Cleaner has disadvantages as well. The main disadvantage is not only for this product, but tongue cleaning in general. Unfortunately, coating of the tongue is normally greater on the most posterior part of the dorsum of the tongue (1), which can trigger the gag reflex. Using a tongue cleaner or another tongue cleaning object that far back on the tongue can be difficult for anyone. Sometimes, if tongue cleaning is performed in the evening instead of the morning the gag reflex is lessened. Another disadvantage to using the GUM® Dual Action Tongue Cleaner is adding another product that is needed when doing oral hygiene care. It can be hard enough getting patients to brush regularly and floss, this is just adding yet another step and sometimes it is a disadvantage to patients. The GUM® Dual Action Tongue Cleaner is dispensed through the Johnson County Community College dental hygiene clinic. It is suggested for patients who complain of bad breath, coated tongue, or plaque control. If a patient does not like the GUM® Dual Action Tongue Cleaner, they can use the Orabrush Tongue Cleaner. The Orabrush Tongue Cleaner is similar to the

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