Ga Tribe in Ghana

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When people die, they like to travel to heaven in different ways – some by land, some by sea, and some by air.” In Africa, the Ga tribe of Ghana gives this phrase a different meaning. The individuals of the Ga tribe commission fantasy coffins for their journey to heaven; a hunter may commission a lion, while a fisherman commissions a boat, or a pilot a plane. These fantasy coffins are widespread throughout Ghana and are quickly becoming popular works of art in the international art market. The beginnings of this art form are widely debated amongst the Ga and the Western world. The fantasy coffins have a link to palanquins. These early figurative objects may have inspired the formation of the fantasy coffins. However, many Ga believe a man by the name of Seth Kane Kwei had a hand in the creation of the coffins. The fantastic nature of these objects fit in with the traditions attached to Ga funerals. Although there is a sense of mystery surrounding the fantasy coffins, their role in Ga society and their funeral traditions cannot be ignored. The history of figurative objects and the carpenters attributed to them are extremely important to Ga funerals. The people of Ga are located in southeast Ghana. They are divided into six towns: Accura, Labadi, Nunga, Osu, Tema, and Teshi. Fishing and trading are the primary sources of income in this area; the women typically do the trading while the men do the fishing. The society is also matrilineal, although some aspects
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