Gabrielle: A Fictional Narrative

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She opens her eyes for a second. The trees flew out of the dark night, passing the car in a fraction of a second. She panic's, thrashing her hands toward the ceiling of the car bracing for an unknown impact. The only thing she can hear is a ringing a, a high-pitched whistle. She looks over at her passenger, she looks calm, as if she didn’t even know any of this was happening. She turns her head to look at Gabby trying to tell her something, but she couldn't make out the words. Gabrielle is an 18-year-old unexperienced driver, with a car older than her. She's been wanting to go on an amazing D.C. trip. Her plan was to pick up her friend, ___, in ______ then they'd head to D.C. where her other friend, ____, lived to stay with her for the weekend
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