Gabrielle Mowl Reflection

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An Inside Look into Gabrielle Mowles
2016 was a year filled with substantial changes, especially for myself. Not only did I make the transition from a small high school to one of the most prestigious institutions in Texas, I discovered new characteristics and how to use them to my advantage. I have blossomed into a woman who is not afraid of taking on new challenges. I am able to take risks, assess my mistakes and develop myself in order to be a better individual for both the present and future.
One concept I have discovered this year is that a number does not define who you are. Throughout my high school career, my only goal was goal was to strictly focus on making the best grades in order to please the people around me. Although it did satisfy the thirst for success, it felt as though something was missing. At first, my mindset for my
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After the first few weeks of slaving myself over classes, I realized that my life was uneventful and I felt as though I was getting nothing accomplished. I clearly remember sitting in FBI (Freshman Business Initiative) with Dr. Musoma on a Monday evening when he said “a number does not define who you are; go and find your Ginga.” Ironically, that evening I received an email congratulating me on being accepted into a FLO (Freshman Leadership Organization). I am currently in FLEX (Freshman Leaders Establishing eXcellence) and I could not ask for a better group of people to grow with. Throughout the semester, I came across the conclusion that I needed to focus more on myself instead of pleasing other people. The realization inspired me to branch out and create more opportunities
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