Gabrielle Norris Reflection

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To a sixth grade Gabrielle Norris, talking to an entire school at a pep rally would have been impossible. To an eighth grade Gabrielle Norris, dressing like a princess and standing on a football field to be recognized would have been preposterous. As a senior now, I wish I had done the things that I wanted to do in my intermediate and early secondary school years. I was holding myself back. I was unhappy because of my circumstance, but did not know how to talk about it. Social anxiety runs within my family’s genetics, but I overcame it with a simple speech that changed my life forever.
I was afraid of people as early as elementary school. My fear was not the usual “stranger danger” fear. I would have issues with asking questions and talking, yet I did not know of what I was afraid of. I was comfortable with seclusion. I eventually became depressed in intermediate school, because I had no friends. I remained miserable as a child and teenager, until I decided that I needed to change. I wanted positive and pleasurable memories and longed for my high school experience to be different.
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On a whim I signed up, and wrote the worst piece of writing I have ever written. Despite its substandard quality, my piece remains my most favored. Climbing up on a stage and speaking to my class about why they should choose me over several other more qualified candidates was the most intimidating component of running for the position. The speech was exactly the thing that was not my forte. Nevertheless, I was determined to make my life disparate, so I continued on. I do not remember speaking, and I was trembling through the speech, but in the next week the list for Student Council came out and I was in! The most difficult task I faced had passed, and had changed into a situation I
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