Gabriel's Diary: A Fictional Narrative

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Gabriel Utterson sat with his back to the darkened room, waiting patiently for his nightly visitor. As he watched the fire roaring in the grate, he heard the unmistakable sound of the door he’d left purposefully unlocked being slowly opened and closed as quietly as possible. Closing his eyes he focused on the sound of his visitors footsteps, on the rustle of his clothes and his anxious breathing. He smiled as he smelled the other’s cologne and felt a pair of small but strong hands being rested on his shoulders. “You or me?” Gabriel mumbled as the hands roved over his chest. “You,” the man hissed like a snake and giggled. “Excellent,” Gabriel exhaled as the man worked to unbutton his vest and shirt and slipped a hand inside. Gabriel arched his back as the man’s hand gently kneaded his chest, expertly applying pressure to just the right spots and knowing when to back off so as not to make it go too quickly. Continuing his ministrations, the man bent down and began to nibble the tip of Gabriel’s ear, his sharper than normal canines sending a chill down Gabriel’s back.…show more content…
“So am I!” The man growled into Gabriel’s ear, sounding for all the world like a dog that has gained the power of speech. “Then let us wait no longer,” Gabriel told him as he stood up and turned to face him. The man standing before him was unusually small, with almost animal like features and thick dark hair covering the backs of his hands. He stood hunched over and his reddish hair looked to have never seen a brush. His clothing was no better, the coat torn and stained and his vest unbuttoned. His blue, feral, eyes fairly glowed with lust. “Let us go somewhere more private, Edward. I don’t want to delay any
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