Gaddaf Level 3 Unit 2 Extracts

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These two extracts provide two different pictures. Obama begins his speech by portraying and emphasizing all the good things about the U.S. military and how patriotic they are, not just to the intervention in Libya, but as well as all that they have done for the country. And when it comes to talk about Gaddafi, the Extract 1 is the poster card presented by Obama. For those who did not know about Gaddafi until were introduced in a terrifying way. Those two extracts led us to what Van Dijk calls Us vs Them. Obama emphasizes all the good things about us-our military and portrays the bad things about them-him. By emphasizing solely on portraying a bad image of Gaddafi, the idea is to demonize Gaddafi’s image among the U.S.citizens. Simply put:…show more content…
Unlike what is emphasized by Obama in Extract 1, vast social reforms, immense welfare program, infrastructure-building were underway in Libya. As have been mentioned previously, Libya was one of the Africa’s most prosperous country due to the reforms that were done under Gaddafi’s regime. And as a result, by the time the 2011 crisis was unfolding, few people, mainly in the western world, were inclined to have any sympathy for Gaddafi or take any of his claims seriously, and the attempt of showing Gaddafi in a bad light quickly spread through the western mainstream media and Gaddafi had become hated in the western world. But the trigging factor is that, contrary to popular belief which had been transmitted by so many people, like Barack Obama, Libya under Muammar Gaddafi, whom was often portrayed as “tyrant” and “dictator” was in fact, Africa’s most prosperous democracy-according to the United Nations Development Index, prior to the U.S.-led intervention in 2011; according to the same index(see fig6), Libya had the highest GDP per capta, the lowest infant mortality and the highest life expectancy in all of Africa(see
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