Gad's Psychodynamic Approach

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According to (Rathgeber 1990) “social feminist have identified the social construction of production and reproduction as the basis of women’s oppression and have focused attention on the social relations of gender, questioning the validity of roles that have been ascribed to both women and men in different societies”. In many societies women have been systematically instilled to be inferior to men and have been assigned secondary role. GAD emerged to examine these social constructions. (Parpart 2000) “State that GAD approach argued that women’s status in society is deeply affected by their material conditions of life and by their position in the national, reginal and global economies, further more women are deeply affected by the nature of patriarchal power in their societies at the national, community and household levels”. This however differ in different societies as both patriarchal authority and women’s material conditions are maintained by the accepted norms and values that define women’s and men’s role in society.…show more content…
GAD focus on interconnecting all social structures that are believed to influence women’s subordination to try and improve them. (Ratheger 1990) “State that GAD projects are designed to empower women and to give them an equal voice by recognizing the full spectrum of their knowledge, experience and activities, including both productive and reproductive labor, further GAD approach sees women as agents of change rather than as passive recipients of development assistance, and it stresses the need for women to organize themselves for a more effective political
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