“Gaining Competitive Advantage Through Human Resource Management”

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The benefit an organization realizes from human capital investment is directly proportional to the quality of its human resource strategy, processes and overall management. For our purposes, human capital is defined as individual, as well as collective, skills, talents, and capabilities. The outcomes of an organization’s HR processes are critical capabilities, like enhanced leadership, managerial competency, employee efficiency and proficiency, and workforce collaboration. HR management can be a major change agent, but must have a strategic vision and an understanding of how technology can transform the HR function. HR’s challenge, shared with the CIO, is to develop and implement a technology strategy linked tightly to the business…show more content…
Do you agree with this? • Which components of HRIS (IT) could be outsourced? • How are the targets of outsourcing likely to change over time? • What are the best practices in outsourcing in HR? • Outsourcing often means letting some employees go. What is the effect of outsourcing on those employees who stay, and what are the best practices for keeping them fully “on board”? Breakout: Employee Self-Service in HR What HR services are offered on a self-service basis in your company? What level of self-service is optimal? How do you offer the self-service services? What is the role of identity management in determining what you offer as self-service? How do you calculate ROI on self-service? Session 3: Talent Management in a Global Setting (please come prepared to share a best practice in global talent management) Talent management is perhaps the key to truly strategic human resources management. How does your company approach the acquisition and retention of talent? What are the complexities of doing this on a global scale? • What are the best practices you’ve developed to attract and retain your most talented people at all levels? • Do you measure the impact of HR decisions on retention? • Do you tailor retention programs to specific positions, skills or even people? • What’s the value of having global capability/information in HR? o What purpose should this global capability serve? What information is therefore
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