Gaining Control of Your Weight in What's Next on the Agenda

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What’s Next on the Agenda? So how long should you continue to the workout as outlined in this book? How high is up? Seriously, it really is up to you. By now, you are probably enjoying the exercise as you’ve moved through mile markers and can see the improvements. You are just now gaining control; don’t let the weight creep back up on you. Don’t let Bobby Fatz enter your thoughts. Continue to work out and adjust your weight loss goals. Move that goal farther out and strive to do it. Constantly shift and adjust your goals in a manageable manner. When I first started my initial short term goal was to get down to 195 from 208. As I approached that target, I moved to my secondary goal of 185. Subsequent to that I needed to see if I could get to 175, which was the weight that was 20 years earlier when I met my wife. Now, I’m in the absolute best physical health my life weighing a toned 165. I’m not going to tell you it will be easy, it won’t be but you have the skills and an action plan to reach your goals. Your own Bobby Fatz will be tugging at you, filling your head with doubt, reasons, excuses, and everything else he or she can come up to convince you that status quo is good. Remember Bobby Fatz wants you to put off till tomorrow, what you could be doing today. It’s your job to introduce him to Bobby Slimz. That’s my detailed loss 2 pounds a week plan for achieving healthy weight loss and to keep the pounds off. You are not working to keep this weight off for month or

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