Gaining Power : What Makes One Successful Or Not?

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Gaining power is something that our species has evolved to strive for. Throughout history man has always tried to gain power in some way, but gaining power is not an easy task and while gaining power is something that is core to all of human desire it is reached in different ways. Some gain power through war, economics, politics, and some power is inherited, but regardless of how power is gained, all power has to be maintained and how it is maintained is the real argument because the ways of gaining power that we explore have already happened and were successful in giving power to people but the ways the power is maintained is what makes one successful or not.
When conducting an interview with Andrew Prazeres, my world history teacher, I
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Much of the country’s success can be attributed to Lee. The reason he was able to do such great things because he was true to how he gained his power, which he got by being liked among his people and sharing their beliefs. He never took his power for granted and he would remind his co-workers that as well and by doing this he created a government that even today, after he has left the office, still spends large portions of their budget on social programs that help the lower and middle class citizens.
Another example of power gained politically is the Kim family’s control over North Korea. Kim Il-Sung’s introduction to power was similar to Lee Kuan Yew and the way they maintained their power wasn’t as different as you may think. Il-Sung used his

Anderson 3 power to turn Korea into an extremely communist nation, which in theory should help the nation’s people by having a large number of agricultural and industrial workers.
However, due to poor soil and lots of floods, farming is a hard job to do in North Korea and because of this fact, many of the nation’s people live in poverty because of the focus on having a lot of agricultural workers, but the Kim family continues to maintain their power but Kim Jong Un maintains his power differently than his grandfather and that is why he is able to keep his power.
It might seem strange that

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