Gaining Power and Influence: Analysis of Questionnaire Results

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"Gaining power and influence" questionnaire results My total self-reported score on the "Gaining power and influence" quiz was 154, indicating that I am in the top quintile of respondents. My highest scores were in gaining information and my ability to use my influence. I believe my score was high because I genuinely always try to do my best and to be 'the best I can be' in any organizational situation. This also suggests that I am able to use power in a positive fashion, according to the Raven and French model of using power. According to Raven and French, there are five bases of power. Legitimate power is "the belief that a person has the right to make demands, and expect compliance and obedience from others;" reward-based power is the ability to give someone something he or she wants, like a salary; expert power is the power derived from respect for someone's expertise; referent power or affiliative power is derived from using charisma and the subordinate's desire to please the leader and coercive power is "the belief that a person can punish others for noncompliance" (French and Raven's five forms of power, 2012, Mind Tools). In my case, given that my highest scores are in gaining information, I would say that my source of power primarily derives from 'expert' power. This does not mean that I am an expert in all fields of my business. However, it does mean that I am seen as making a legitimate attempt to gain knowledge and to pursue excellence in all aspects of my
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