Gaining a Competitive Advantage Through Hrm Practices

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Targets Google’ targets from the website can show that Increment function is actually a costly game for others, and platform, Google are building this makes it cheaper, more easily develop and run ratio who all the application of network size. Besides that, this is a distributed computing platform, can manage the server cluster nodes10 million data set of in the network size. It includes a PB level, distributed, fault-tolerant file systems, distributed RPC code, may be Shared memory and processes migration network. And a data center management system can let a few old age pension plan engineer effectively run 10 million servers. Any of these projects is probably a start-up only focus. HR as a Strategic Partner for Business As…show more content…
Compensation Arrangement Google is conspicuous, because it is the most popular, but in the industry is one of the most intercepted employers. However, strategic human resources fully comply with business models and Google eyes - among them, the employee does not attracted to the short-term monetary rewards, but from work to support system that can help them to create anything. Therefore, in Google 's work day care and hives have elderly care center, a spa and barbershop, car and oil facilities of check, almost all a technology, obsessed with savage want to worry about in an inclusive parties at least the free form, welfare plan, but the actual take-away cash part is negligible. Google innovation in the stock options system, ensure that all staff are compensated competitive company significant fair growth thanks. Such strong culture and the staff 's work, devoted to technology solutions, not tangible compensation, Google to becoming the first one in there cut their salary and compensation requirement board, because they feel, they will have to pay more money than they need. All staff agreed to emotions, and in 2005-06, the employee 's salary cut formally asked himself. In the same period, 1.43% finish turnover. Google 's allowance and welfare to employees is 1. infinite sick leave, 2. Salaried employee 27 days in rest time after a year later, 3. Site for
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