Gainsborough, A Story of a Painter and an Era Essay

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Gainsborough, A Story of a Painter and an Era To be able to appraise the originality of eighteenth century English art, one must recognize its importance in history. A great painter to research is Thomas Gainsborough. His artwork was an important aspect of the art community of the middle seventeen hundreds. His paintings seem to bring brightness and color to a period in art that needed his creative boost. His combination of portrait paintings along with beautiful landscapes was not recognized in his time, but would be recognized as remarkable later in history. Thomas Gainsborough was born in 1727 in the town of Sudbury in Suffolk (Internet 1). He grew up as the son of a woodworking father and his mother was a teacher. He had 7…show more content…
This did not interest Gainsborough; he enjoyed being able to paint subjects’ outdoors (Internet 4). He was fond of drawing trees grass and other objects that would not be found in an indoor studio. He was not the first to draw backgrounds in his paintings; many have done this before him. His task was to paint a background that was just as important as the subjects do but not distract either. By painting outdoors, his paintings became much more colorful that most paintings of the past (Woodall 32). Brighter paintings were much improvement over the paintings of the past. They were very eye appealing and much more noticeable. Gainsborough’s untrained painter’s eye did not effect the outcome of his paintings; he was painting from his heart. He painted whatever his eyes saw; in most cases the outcome of his paintings were a perfect mix of background and foreground. People began to start noticing his artwork even though he did not have a degree or formal education in art; this was very promising to the young painter. His work slowly moved up into the great artwork of the city. His name was becoming known all around. He can begin his career with the bright colors he added to the scenery of the painting. One superb example of where the colors and scenery effected a painting is in the painting “Mr. and Mrs. Andrews.” In my first examination of the painting, many questions were brought up. One question

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