Gaius Cassius Longinu' Part in the Assissination of Julius Ceasar

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Cassius, full name Gaius Cassius Longinus, was recalled as a good soldier with a terrible temper and in politics, irrational and drowned by vanity.
In his time he was a Roman senator, also known by his part-taking in the assassination of Julius Caesar.
In his early years, he studied philosophy under Archelaus, and was fluent in Greek. His wife, Junia Tertia was the half-sister of co-conspirator Brutus. Cassius served under Crassus, He took part in saving Remnants of the Roman army against the Parthians and even repelled attacks from the Parthians on Syria. Through this, it is easy to tell that Cassius must have been a successful military leader.
Too bad his choices in military didn’t rub off on his morales, he was being tried for extortion in Syria but the civil war dispute between Julius Caesar and the Optimates saved him from being imprisoned. Further use of his brilliant military strategy lead him to becoming Julius Caesars’ legate. This leading further into his ‘friendship’ with Julius. Year forty-four and Cassius’ success continued to climb, he had become praetor peregrinus, and elected magistrate, he was promised the governorship of Syria. While Cassius was given praetor peregrinus, Julius appointed Marcus Brutus as praetor urbanus, a less prestigious position. This greatly angered Brutus leading him to become one of the most active conspirators in the assassination of Julius Caesar.
Caesar says this of Cassius, “He reads much; he is a great observer and he
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