Gaius Julius Caesar And The Fall Of The Roman Empire

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General, politician, and master of propaganda, Gaius Julius Caesar, better known as Julius Caesar, is closely associated with the fall of the Roman Republic. A man of profound charisma who was well known for his pivotal military campaigns, Caesar was also an author and a shrewd developer of military propaganda . He also became known for expanding the roman republics geographic borders and founding its imperial system. Caesar had battled in numerous wars and took part in the Roman government. The start of his Dictatorship of the Roman Empire, would ultimately be the cause the end of his life. He would later become a large part in the History of Western Civilization. This essay will explore the life of Julius Caesar, his influence on the Roman Republic, government, military, and social practices.
Around July 13, 100 BCE, Gaius Julius Caesar was born in Rome . His mother was named Aurelia Cotta, who was a born noble. His father governed the province of Asia as a Praetor, he was also named Gaius Julius Caesar.
When he was fifteen years of age, his father passed away, making him the, paterfamilias, leader of his home . He decided that becoming part of the priesthood, would benefit his family. There, he managed to be nominated as the High Priest of Jupiter. Not only did Caesar have to take part in patrician stock, he had to marry a patrician woman. He then became engaged to a woman named Cornelia. Cornelia was daughter of Lucius Cinna, high profile and powerful leader of the Populares . This marriage provoked fury in the, self-declared Dictator, Sulla. He began a methodical elimination of foes and those who held to the Populare ideology. Cornelia’s father was Sulla’s political opponent. Because of this, Sulla targeted Caesar. He commanded that Caesar divorce his wife, or he would lose his property. Caesar refused and fled Rome, but his sentence was lifted intercession of his mother’s family. Regardless, Caesars position as Priest was stripped and his wife’s dowry was impounded.
With no means to take care of his family, Caesar enlisted in the military. During Caesar’s time in the military, he proved himself a good and effective solider. For saving someone’s life, Caesar was presented the civic crown. He also
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