Gaius Marius a Military Leader

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Gaius Marius was born into a poor family. He began his political career serving in the military is Spain. According to Livy, he was elected Tribune of the People in 119. His general at the time was very impressed with him and helped he achieve this status. He then served under Metellus in the war against Jugurtha, but Metellus was not a successful leader and failed. When Marius returned back to Rome ran for consul and won the election. He then broke his first law, and persuaded the comitia tribute to give him control of the forces in Africa, which only the senate could do at the time, but he gained the power anyway. He then went to break more rules, by offering the poor a job as a solider, giving them an opportunity to make money, and later gaining their alliance. The war he so badly wanted to lead, was won, but it was actually won by Sulla and not Marius. Sulla was a young questor at the time and only starting his political career. Rome was then attacked in the North. Because of Marius’ success in geurilla warfare with Jugurtha, Rome trusted him to take care of the fighting in the north, and Marius was elected a 2nd time to consul. Which is again, illegal. After Rome was safe in the North, Marius wanted to repay his army and he established laws that would secure his army land after they has served their time in the army. To do so, he aligned himself with the Tribune of the People, Saturnius. This alliance would gain him a third consulship later. Saturnius and Marius went
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