Galactosemia Essay

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Galactosemia missing works cited Galactosemia is a potentially fatal genetic defect that prevents the body from metabolizing milk. It is fatal because an infant's early diet consists mostly of milk. The disease does not usually hinder the development of children in North America or Europe; it is a not-uncommon cause of death, however, in third-world nations, where lactose-free milk is not readily available.

So, what impacts people afflicted with galactosemia more, the fact that they have the disease, or the question of whether or not it can be treated? A child who is not lactose intolerant would not die from shock, whether or not treatment was available, and so nature determined the fate of the child. A child with galactosemia
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There are numerous intimate emotions that factor into the equation of media-fascination, Mulvey argues. Among them are eroticism, voyeurism, and imagery. These feelings would not exist, however, without a "world ordered by sexual imbalance…" (Mulvey 523) or without "pleasure in looking [that] has been split between active/male and passive/female," (Mulvey 523). She says that in media, women are presented as objects, while men "control the film fantasy and also emerge as the representative of power," (Mulvey 524).

Mimi White discusses a broad range of topics in Ideological Analysis and Television, but the sections The Viewer as Consumer and as Commodity, Ideology in Narrative, and Ideology and Contradiction in the Texts of Television are uniquely important to proving her thesis. In these sections she disputes that media viewers become consumed and commodified, that media "handles social tensions and contradictions" (White 891), that media perpetuates ideology (giving specific examples ), and that media uses tactics to impose these ideologies on the viewer.
In summation, then, White says that media uses Ideological State Apparatuses to perpetuate ideology in a particular society. Mulvey says that these ideologies are gender-bias because they are products of a phallocentric society.

Before we can examine other points of view, let's first lay down the ground rules: there is no disagreement
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