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SUMMARY REPORT To Lianf Zhaoxian, CEO of Galanz Enterprises Group Co. Ltd. This report evaluates past and present perfomance of Galanz with its strategies and gives insights as to what decisions should be made to make the company more successful in future. Since 1991 Galanz has evolved and become a dominant player in the global manufacturing market for microvawe ovens. The company has understood its strategic strength and used its resources as its strategy. Galanz has used its cheap land and cheap labour to get to where it is now, its dominant position in China and Globally. The technology has played a crucial role in company development too. Four years after its incorporation Galanz has established Research Institute of Household…show more content…
2. Rank the importance of Galanz operations objectives in terms of its VOC and VOB including its key objectives of cost, quality, flexibility, delivery, service and innovations. How has the importance changed over the years? In the case of Galanz the ‘Voice of the Business’ includes those aspects that are key to the success of Business. This may not necessarily coincide with the ‘Voice of the Customer’. The ‘Voice of the Business’ represents the ‘Strategy Aspect of Galanz’ from an operations point of view. It is important to keep in mind two important points before attempting to Categorize the ‘Voice of Business’ and the ‘Voice of the Customer’ in this case. A) This should be done trying to relate these parameters to an ‘Operations Standpoint’ only. B) It is not a question of what we want to prioritize but more in terms of HOW and WHAT Galanz has prioritized (based on the report). C) The Report compares each of the above listed criteria individually and rates them on a scale of (1-6) ,1 being the Highest and explains why they were prioritized. Keeping these key factors in mind, here is how the prioritization looks for the ‘Voice of the Business’. |Ops factor |Machine Systems |Reasons for Prioritization | |Cost |5 |With their profit margins: Galanz was more than satisfied at employing more |

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