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SUMMARY REPORT To Lianf Zhaoxian, CEO of Galanz Enterprises Group Co. Ltd. This report evaluates past and present perfomance of Galanz with its strategies and gives insights as to what decisions should be made to make the company more successful in future. Since 1991 Galanz has evolved and become a dominant player in the global manufacturing market for microvawe ovens. The company has understood its strategic strength and used its resources as its strategy. Galanz has used its cheap land and cheap labour to get to where it is now, its dominant position in China and Globally. The technology has played a crucial role in company development too. Four years after its incorporation Galanz has established Research Institute of Household…show more content…
This is one of two reasons why Galanz was | | | |successful as an OEM/ODM Manufacturer for Microwaves | |Quality |3 |MOST of Galanz workers performed the same specified tasks in production lines. | | | |Easy to "Break in" new labor. Quality would not be offset | |Flexibility |2 |Labor Flexibility: 3 shifts 8 hours each,24 hours,7 days a week: Labor and | | | |Labor Law in China allowed for flexibility of Labor | |Delivery |5 |Delivery of Labor is important to keep costs low, offset Attrition issues | |Service |6 |Services related to Labor are of least importance from an ops point of view. |

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