Galaxy Toys, Inc. Is Looking Toward The Future Of The Company

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Galaxy Toys, Inc. is looking toward the future of the company by exercising the functions of the P-O-L-C, which are planning, organizing, leading and controlling. This assignment will discuss the organizing role of the company, motivation of the employees to decrease worries and obtain a better communication channel amongst the employees and management. Lastly, analyze the product production and recommend suggestions on improving the overall long-term goals of Galaxy. In doing this, it could reduce the loss, increase the sales and eliminate problems. Part One - Organizing Organizing deals with the organization of the employees in the workplace. This describes the roles of each employee based on their skills and knowledge to reach…show more content…
The organizational chart gives a clear view of each employee position and duties and helps them understand their duties and what is expected of them when it’s time to produce the products that are required. Each section is assigned a leader of the group to oversee the employees and to assist them with their day-to-day task and also if problems arise, the employees can communicate directly with the leader of their group. This also provides guidance for Galaxy Toys top managers, so they will have an idea of what task was performed by whom. For each section to achieve their full potential, each member needs to set aside their own personal agenda and work with each other as a team. Each employee may not be total align with the direction of their team, but they should support their co-workers and leaders and work to achieve the outcome of what has been assigned. Part Two - Leading Motivation Motivation is a learning technique that will enhance the employee’s career and personal development. In viewing the video on the puzzle of motivation, the task was to think out of the box and when thinking out of the box, this will allow the employees to provide a greater level of work ethic which will result in better performance. (Pink, 2009) During the course of Galaxy Toys employees producing their work, the staff has noticed the speed and accuracy of the 3D printer making the products. This became a concern for the

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