Galen 's Theory Of The Circulatory System

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In 162 AD, Claudius Galen; a Greek physician and philosopher, suggested his theory of the circulatory system. He was the first physician in history to provide a proper understanding of how the blood forms, and how blood vessels and the heart function. Galen’s theory was left unquestionable until the fifteenth century. He was also very popular within the western medical thought as he was their main influence for more than a millennium. (1) His theory came about from his observations from the dissection of animals, especially Barbary apes and pigs as he considered them similar to humans. He was forbidden to experiment on human bodies due to religious reasons, however he did see inside the human body during surgeries. Because of his limitations to only working on dead or living animals, it made his theory somewhat inaccurate because the human body and the organs inside are not completely similar to those of apes and pigs. He also relied on the existence of god in nature to explain the function and the structure of the human body. Galen’s theory explained many never before explained questions. He explained that food is transformed into blood in the liver, and was then distributed around the body via the veins where it is taken in to restore the tissues lost. As well as blood, veins also carried yellow and black bile. To form venous blood, the had to be redirected to the heart, when in the left ventricle the blood will be mixed with air to form arterial blood which is infused

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