Galilean Moon Research Paper

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Since our, said to be 4.5 billion year old Moon, goes through a series of processes that are shown to be an essential element for Earth. These processes work together for the Moon to exist and to be an essential element of Earth. From different mythologies, the Moon is called different things that developed culture and language. For example, the Romans called the Moon Luna, and Selene by the Greeks. In 1609, Galileo Galilei discovered the 4 largest moons of Jupiter that orbited around another planet. The Moons are also known as the Galilean Moons when discovered.

Process of Controlling Tides
The Moon has many abilities to help planet Earth. For example, controlling the tides in our oceans. Tides are the fall and rise of sea levels caused
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Eclipses happen when one planet/heavenly body moves into the shadow of the Sun/another heavenly body. This eclipse is called a solar eclipse. The solar eclipse of the is a rare occurrence, therefore solar eclipses happen every 18 months, which is two totalities every three years. During a solar eclipse, the Moon radiates two shadows onto Earth. One of the shadows is called an umbra. The umbra shadow becomes smaller as the shadow reaches Earth. The second shadow is called a penumbra, which gets larger as the shadow reaches Earth. There are three types of solar eclipses, total, partial, and annular. During a total eclipse, the Moon covers the Sun completely, but a total eclipse is only visible from a 150 km strip of the Earth’s outer layer. Areas around the narrow strip, the Sun is shown to be partially covered, and a partial eclipse is then seen. A total solar eclipse can only be seen by those who live under the shadow of the umbra. Same thing as those who live under the casting shadows of the penumbra can see the partial eclipse. A partial eclipse also happens when the Sun, Moon, and Earth is not accurately lined up.The partial eclipse cannot be precise unless the center of the Moon’s shadow, however the center of the Moon’s shadow is able to strike at Earth’s surface. The annular eclipse happens when the Moon is far from the Earth. Furthermore, the Moon then is appearing too tiny to the point where the Moon cannot block out the sun disk…show more content…
The first moon landing happened on July 20th, 1969 during Apollo 11. The first moon landing was landed by Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin. Apollo 11 was a mission to land on the Moon. After the two astronauts landed on the Moon, they began preparing for a decent to the lunar surface. A sequence of activities they planned was a deployment of a Solar Wind composition experiment, collections of lunar material, photographs of the landing site and the lunar horizon, photographs of lunar surface material, deployment of a Laser-Ranging Retroreflector and a Passive Seismic Experiment, and then the collection of two core-tube samples of the lunar surface. The astronauts began preparations to reenter the lunar molecules. During the night, the ascent from the lunar surface started at 124:22 GET or 21 hours and 36 minutes, after the lunar landing. After all of their experiments were done and collected, Armstrong and Aldrin returned to
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