Galileo Camps Paper

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In the following paper I will describe the customer segments and value proposition of Galileo Camps. I am going to define them by using Value Proposition Canvas.
The organization was born in 2002 out of the belief that the world needs more innovators that will solve the problems of the future and that the traditional educational system does not prepare students for the unknown.
The main customer segment of Galileo Camps is parents of children between 5 and 15 years old who live the Bay Area or Los Angeles as this is where Galileo Camps is placed.
The pains of the parents do not think that traditional schooling is enough to prepare their offspring for adulthood. They want their children to experience different type of learning. Not only learning that will teach them history or mathematics but a
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If it comes to social jobs customers in this case want to make sure that their children are growing up to be outstanding individuals and education is one of the tools to accomplish this job.
The gains that the parents have in this particular case are the following. Their children will develop valuable qualities that they would not have developed through the traditional schooling.
In order to describe how “Galileo Camps” is addressing the needs of their customer segments I will describe the products and services they provide as well as gain creators and pain relievers they create.

The services that Galileo Camps provides are educational summer camps for children between five and sixteen years old. There is a wide variety of themes that the classes are organized around in order to make sure that everyone can find something suitable. The main objective of all the courses is for students to learn how to innovate and why it failure is part of
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