Galileo Galilei And Johannes Kepler

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Galileo Galilei and Johannes Kepler

In the 1600’s Galileo and Johannes Kepler were very important figures in mathematics and astrology. They both did very great things for each subject, Both of these men were from the same time period. Later, Kepler was influenced by Galileo’s work. Galileo also contributed to lots of Kepler’s work.
Galileo Galilei was probably one of the best astronomers in the history of astronomy. He was born on February 15,1564. He lived his life in Pisa,Italy and later unfortunately died on January 8,1642 in Arcetri, Province of Florence,Italy. His nationality is of course Italian. Galileo studied medicine at the University of Pisa, but he later became a mathematics professor. He taught at the University of Padua for 18 years. Like many scientists at that time, Galileo was very curious about the stars.
Johannes Kepler was a great mathematician and a key figure in the seventeenth century. He was born on December 27, 1571 and died on November 15, 1630. He grew up in Weil der Stadt,
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In 1597, he published The Cosmographic Mystery where he stated his theories about the distance of the planets and the sun. He also read about Galileo’s discoveries with a spyglass and then published his own papers in support of Galileo’s theories. This was important because most people at that time thought the planets revolved around the Earth. Kepler helped prove what was really true about the solar system with his laws of planetary motion.
Galileo And Kepler were very important figures in the 1600s as proven in this essay. While their lives kept going they did very important things to help society today. They both did great things for mathematics, astronomy and astrology. They helped people understand the solar system and how the planets go around the sun. Although they are not with our society today they will always be remembered and
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