Galileo Galilei Essay

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Galileo Galilei

Galileo was born in Pisa along the Via del Cuore in 1564 to Vincenzo Galileo, a man known for his study of music, and Giuli Ammananti. When Galileo was ten he moved to Florance.1 At eleven young Galileo was sent to Vallombrosa for school. At fifteen Galileo decided to be a monk, but because of his father gave up his ambition. In the late summer of 1581 Galileo entered the University of Pisa and embarked on a course of study in medicine. Studying the Aristotelian system, which states larger heavier objects from high places, Galileo became increasingly skeptical. Evidence of Galileo’s brilliance was assured when in 1583, he was attending service in the cathedral and he saw that the flames of the candles osculated back
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In February 1609 Galileo returned to his problem for the military about the trajectory of an artillery shell. Fortune was yet to smile on Galileo that is until 1609. Hearing of a spyglass, invented in Holland, that magnified objects from afar. Galileo sought to make profits from this devise before the Holland inventor was able to come and sell his spyglass throughout Venice. Using the properties of light refraction, Galileo was given a substantial raise. With his life apparently out of ruin Galileo set out to investigate the moon. Galileo’s noticed that the moon was not a perfect sphere as had been throughout Galileo’s moon observations left much to be acquired in the universe, so he stated remodeling his telescope to even grater. Proportions in attempt to observe the constellations. Upon these observations Galileo wrote "Siderus Nuncius", which took Europe by storm with the discoveries made.

The world was definitely looking better for Galileo at this time. On July 10, 1610 Galileo was appointed Chief mathematician and philosopher of the Grand Duke of Tuscany. Reassuring to the doubt of Galileo’s finding’s as being anti-religious, Pope Paul V promised support. However, this did little to prevent the onslaught of attacks starting in 1614 by Friar Coccini. In December of 1615 Galileo set out to Rome to put a stop to the accusations of him being anti-religious. By 1616 Galileo spoke out wrote

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