Galileo's Argument

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Galileo Galilei a renaissance paragon, from mathematics to medicine to the study of the skies, astronomy. Attributing science discoveries to the renaissance era, an era in which the achievements of man are to be celebrated (textbook), with this new ideology new ways of thinkings began . Discovering Jupiter’s moons in a time of weak and few technological tools. With these discoveries Galileo Galilei strengthened the argument that the solar system revolved around the sun rather than earth strengthening the argument of a Heliocentric solar system. Although proving and defending this theory at the time proved to be a dangerous act, moreover Galileo’s discovered moons go on in history and are even named after him as the Galilean moons. These discoveries at the time proved Galileo as a determined character, proving these theories and defending himself to those that attempted to hinder Galileo's discoveries proved Galileo as a rebellious act. Similarly perceiving Galileo as independent due to his forward…show more content…
Once again Galileo’s rebellious character stems from his discovering in science and the way he discovered it. Galileo not only argued that the earth was hellenistic but also argued about how science should develop. For example Galileo argued with the church not only one but numerous times proving his rebellious nature, “His singular determination, despite warnings, was to further his controversial and challenging ideas and at the same time be accepted within the corridors of power and prestige. But he lacked political insight and that made him vulnerable, (kissoon). Galileo continues to strive forward with his discoveries although those above him continue to try and stop him, the silencing of Galileo happened after he threatened to torture in
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