Galileo's Condemnation

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Galileo's condemnation held by the Roman Catholic Church has been regarded as wrong, 350 years after he was charged with heresy. The many years it has taken for the Church to recognize its wrongdoing may have been due to the Church's resistance to admit their misdeed and their need to stand firm on recognizing past beliefs and practices. This unique apology sparsely occurs, with "The Vatican's formal acknowledgement of a rarity in an institution built over centuries on the belief that the Church is the final arbiter in matters of faith," (Cowell 1). After years of contemplating whether or not to publicly announce the rightness of Galileo, the Vatican may have wanted to finally apologize on behalf of the Church to set it straight…show more content…
This is quite ironic, considering the Church originally did not want Galileo's findings held as true in fear that they would lose their credibility in interpretation the Bible. The Church's apology does bring unity between science and faith, with Galileo writing to the Duchess Christina of Tuscany that "He [God] would not require us to deny sense and reason in physical matters of direct experience," (Document A). When the Church finally recognized Galileo's studies as scientifically correct and proven, it shows that religion can coincide with science and that one can be based off of another. Although there is still conflict today regarding theological beliefs and scientific findings, the Church's apology was the stepping stone for acceptance among people and ideas globally. In conclusion, the apology to Galileo has made a profound effect on the way science and religion interact in today's society and how having an open mind to ideas everywhere can change the way one perceives the
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