Galileo's Creation In Condition Essay

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“I do not feel obligated to believe that the same God who has endowed us with sense, reason and intellect has intended us to Fargo is use” by Galileo Galilei. One of the main reasons, that the scientific revolution started was because of the Renaissances was beginning and everyone was starting to think for themselves and Galileo was one of the leaders that caused the Scientific revolution or at least spread it. One major thing that leads to these scientific discoveries they were stuck in religion and they said that God made it like that and he wanted it so and it's not for us to question it. That was the mentality of those people and maybe also ignorance that is why Galileo said that God gave us the wisdom so we could interpret God's creation…show more content…
He understood that as much as you tell a person a conflict or a problem that a man won't lear he needs to actually examine it himself and then after he will find what he was truly looking for. The early Life of Galileo his father was a famous lunist and his mother was and his mother was a musician. At an early age he was already has his interest in studying science and looking at different things and test them and finding what it says or does. In This article posted by Universe today explain what Galileo did after he graduated college “ In 1589, Galileo was appointed to the chair of mathematics at the University of Pisa. In 1591 and he was entrusted with the care of his younger siblings. Being Professor of Mathematics at Pisa was not well paid, so Galileo lobbied for a more lucrative post. In 1592, where he taught Euclid’s geometry, mechanics, and astronomy until 1610.” Where he started his research is when they told him about the spyglass which is a telescope. After, they told Galileo they made amazing improvement in what they knew about space because know they could almost see it and not just discuss it or talk about it. Galileo discovered using his telescopes he was the first European astronomer to observe and the sunspot. He also was the first and generally discovered the Milky Way because he was the first person who has ever seen it in those days. After, Copernicus, discoveries of the planets Galileo made a promising discovery made to science was the discovery of the four satellites around Jupiter that are now named in his honor. He first observed the moons of Jupiter on January 7, 1610 through a homemade telescope. That was his discovery than nobody else knew because they did not have a telescope and that made everything different they could not test it, nor imaginate
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