Gallery Place Plaza And Maritime Plaza

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Gallery Place Plaza and Maritime Plaza. Such projects not only entailed DC resident new hires goals, but also apprenticeship hours’ goals and the compliance associated with tracking and monitoring the. 3.2 Experience Managing Employment Centers and Specialty Career Centers In 2012, LSC was contracted to launch and subsequently manage DC Water and Sewer Authority’s hiring initiative, DC Water Works!, formerly known as the DC Water Opportunity Center and three (3) Satellite Opportunity Centers. As a prelude, LSC was tasked with drafting and implementing an interim employment program and subsequently drafting a permanent employment program. Upon the establishment of the initiative, there was one Center in each quadrant of the District.…show more content…
Each training provider was vetted by a member of the LSC team to ensure the Job Center visitors receive the best opportunities to receive quality training and support services that will hone their abilities to advance their acumen and access to employment opportunities. Some of the Water Works Centers functions have included:  Publicizing employment opportunities on DC Water’s website as well as distribute opportunities to strategic partners, government agencies, schools, and local organizations  Forecasting the number and type of new positions being created to address the hiring needs of new projects  Serving as a contractor’s first source for recruitment, referral and placement of new hires for new jobs created to address needs on a DC Water project  Developing a training program to teach contractors hos to report personnel related information and openings  Coordinating and hosting sector-specific (e.g. construction and CDL drivers) job fairs and “on-the-spot” interview opportunities  Advertising employment opportunities throughout several DC Wards via DC Water Works Satellite Job Centers  Developing a system that consolidates job openings and allows on-demand access for application status review  Developing a record management system with employers to monitor apprenticeship and On-the-job training (OJT) progress  Reviewing and processing applicant

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