Gallium, To Most, Is Considered To Be A Very Interesting

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Gallium, to most, is considered to be a very interesting metal. It has an incredibly low melting point, lower than the average temperature of the human body, which means it can melt in one’s hands. However, its boiling point is at a much higher temperature, much higher than one might expect. These properties, coupled with the fact that one can touch gallium without any side effects, make gallium an intriguing element, to say the least. On the periodic table, gallium’s symbol is Ga and its atomic number is 31. Gallium is not found naturally, but it is very easy to obtain. Gallium is an incredibly interesting element, and its history and properties make it so special and interesting. In 1875, a man by the name of Paul-Émile Lecoq de…show more content…
While most metals do have very high boiling points, just as gallium does, most metals do not begin to melt at such a low temperature. This is one of the things that makes gallium so special, because it has one of the widest ranges between melting and boiling point of any element. Gallium has some incredibly versatile uses. As mentioned, gallium has a very low melting point, but an incredibly high boiling point which makes it useful for high-temperature thermometers. Very high temperatures would vaporize a regular thermometer, due to their boiling points being much lower than gallium’s. Since gallium can form alloys with other metals quite easily, it can be used to form alloys that have low melting points. Gallium arsenide makes a useful silicon substitute in the electronics industry. It can be used as a doping material for semiconductors. Gallium arsenide can also produce laser light directly from electricity. In addition, gallium can be used to produce items such as transistors and light emitting diodes. However, gallium has no known biological role. Elemental gallium is not found in nature. However, it is often found to be present in trace amounts in minerals such as diaspore, sphalerite, germanite, bauxite, and coal. Its main source of production is as a byproduct of zinc refining. It can also be obtained through electrolysis of a solution made of gallium hydroxide and potassium hydroxide. It has two stable

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