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E&J Gallo Winery Plant Tour paper

Stephan Jimenez
Professor Kidd
OM 3010
2013 October, 14

E&J Gallo Winery Plant Tour paper

The Gallo Winery plant tour was an awesome experience for me. I have always been curious about how a product was made from start to finish, and after the Gallo tour I have many questions answered. In this paper you will learn many different things about how a production plant runs and what they continually do to make improvements in all aspects of their business. Some focal points of this paper will be on the Gallo Winery operational strategy, what type of processes are utilized in the plant, and whether this company uses a lean production process or not.
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The next step in the process is called the rinser, where the bottles are then inverted and rinsed to wash away contaminants most importantly any excess pieces of glass. Then the bottles are moved to the eight different types of fillers that Gallo uses, the fill height is either adjustable or depends on the pressure of the wine in the surge tank. Once the bottles are filled with the selected product, they are then fed from a hopper upstairs in FW to be corked or capped. After being closed and completely sealed, the products is transformed to the Labeller machine which either uses cold glue or pressure labels. The labels are either spliced or continuous, with the front label pressured on and the back label is put on with cold glue. Once all other steps are completed the final process that Gallo uses is the packing step which all bottles are placed into the box, and the box is glued and closed mechanically. Some lines use a Palletizer machine which is a device that is used to stack factory goods and products on to a pallet.
To make sure everything runs smoothly and on time Gallo has a good support system to help them continually moving forward. It starts with the Production Engineer that has the task of making sure everything is running sufficiently. There is a section called Training and Technology Integration, which manages the staffing and skills development of all operational employees. Then Tech Service communicates with all

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